Trading Symbols

At Divisa Capital we strive to provide prime ECN liquidity without the hefty barriers of entry. Access to true liquidity is usually the hardest challenge for Retail traders and small to mid-size financial institutions. We have taken the approach that is time for the retail forex trader to be able to trade through a true STP (Straight Through Processing) systems.

Over 60 banks and additional participants from every cross-section of the marketplace actively provide prices through the latest PXM Xcore aggregation and order routing technology. Divisa Capital also has its own Currenex hub with access to prime liquidity from top tier financial institutions around the globe, Divisa Capital is able to deliver exceptional pricing and trade execution to our clients.

Our pricing is simple and transparent. Instead of segregating accounts based on deposit size, trade volume, trading platform, entity type or geographical location, we charge a flat commission rate and strive to stream the best available pricing.

Commissions are based on total US dollar amount of the executed order at the rate of $3 per 100,000 traded, each side. Commissions are instantly and automatically calculated on currency pairs that do not have the US dollar as their base. Our detailed reporting system within the platform keeps track of all trades and commission charges. The detailed statements show when and how the commission was calculated based on best available conversion rate available during execution of the trade.

Symbol Currency Pair
AUD/CAD Australian Dollar / Canadian Dollar
AUD/CHF Australian Dollar / Swiss Franc
AUD/JPY Australian Dollar / Japanese Yen
AUD/NZD Australian Dollar / New Zealand Dollar
AUDSGD Australian Dollar / Singapore Dollar
AUD/USD Australian Dollar / United States Dollar
CAD/CHF Canadian Dollar / Swiss Franc
CAD/JPY Canadian Dollar / Japanese Yen
CAD/SGD Canadian Dollar /Singapore 
CHF/JPY Swiss Franc / Japanese Yen
CHF/SGD Swiss Franc /  Singapore Dollar
EUR/AUD Euro / Australian Dollar
EUR/CAD Euro / Canadian Dollar
EUR/CHF Euro / Swiss Franc
EUR/DKK Euro / Danish Krone
EUR/GBP Euro / Great British Pound
EUR/HKD Euro / Hong Kong Dollar
EUR/JPY Euro / Japanese Yen
EURMXN Euro / Mexican Peso 
EUR/NOK Euro / Norwegian Krone
EUR/NZD Euro / New Zeland Dollar
EUR/PLN Eur / Polish Zloty
EUR/SEK Euro / Swedish Krona
EURSGD Euro / Singapore Dollar
EUR/USD Euro / United States Dollar
EUR/TRY Euro / Turikish Lira
GBP/AUD British Pound / Australian Dollar
GBP/CAD British Pound / Canadian Dollar
GBP/CHF British Pound / Swiss Franc
GBP/JPY British Pound / Japanese Yen
GBPNOK British Pound / Norwegian krone 
GBP/NZD British Pound / New Zealand Dollar
GBPSEK British Pound /  Swedish Krona
GBPSGD British Pound /  Singapore Dollar
GBPNOK British Pound /  Norwegian Krone
GBP/USD British Pound / United States Dollar
HKDJPY  Hong Kong Dollar /  Japanese Yen
MXNJPY Mexican Peso / Japanese Yen
NOKJPY Norwegian Krone  /  Japanese Yen
NOKSEK Norwegian Krone / Swedish Krona
NZD/CAD New Zealand Dollar / Canadian Dollar
NZD/CHF New Zealand Dollar / Swiss Franc
NZD/JPY New Zealand Dollar / Japanese Yen
NZD/SGD New Zealand Dollar  /  Singapore Dollar
NZD/USD New Zealand Dollar / United States Dollar
SEK/JPY  Swedish Krona /  Japanese Yen
SGDJPY Singapore Dollar /  Japanese Yen
USD/CAD United States Dollar / Canadian Dollar
USD/CHF United States Dollar / Swiss Franc
USDCNH United States Dollar / Chinnese Yuan
USD/DKK United States Dollar / Danish Krone
USDHKD  United States Dollar / Hong Kong Dollar 
USD/JPY United States Dollar / Japanese Yen
USDMXN United States Dollar / Mexican Peso 
USD/NOK United States Dollar / Norwegian Krone
USDPLN United States Dollar /  Polish zloty
USD/SEK United States Dollar / Swedish Krona
USDSGD United States Dollar / Singapore Dollar
USDTRY United States Dollar / Turkish Lira
USDZAR United States Dollar / South African Rand
XAG/USD Silver / United States Dollar
XAU/USD Gold / United States Dollar


Symbol Contract of Diffrence (CFD)
EU50 EU Stocks 50 Index
DE30 Germany 30 Index
UK100 UK 100 Index
US30 Wall Street 30 Index
US500 US SPX 500 Index
UT100 US Tech 100 Index
HK50 Hong Kong 50 Index
USOil WTI Crude Oil Futures
UKOil Brent Crude Oil Futures
GOLD Gold Futures
SILVER Silver Futures
COPPER High Grade Copper Futures
NGAS Natural Gas Futures



* Additional currency pairs available upon request.