Security is afforded the highest priority by both Divisa Capital and our technology partner Currenex™; we have implemented comprehensive security measures at every step of the trading process to ensure the complete protection of user data and full client confidentiality. Currenex™ uses strong encryption protocols - including digital certificates used by most major financial institutions for electronic funds transfer - to protect client trade data and bring real-time visibility to the entire trading process.  
Data Center Security

Currenex™ maintains a primary and secondary data center, each in geographically independent environments, managed by different service providers. Both centers employ strict on-site security controls, including 24/7 staffing, sensors, intrusion alarms, biometric scanning of technicians, and video surveillance systems. Furthermore, to ensure high availability and scalability of our services, Currenex™ has built the trading infrastructure with multiple redundancy to ensure no single point of failure. These provisions include:

  • Multi-homed ISPs for redundant network connections
  • Redundant routers and load balancers
  • Multiple application servers for web access and business logic
  • An enterprise-class database, with redundant subsystems
  • UPS protection and onsite power generation capability through diesel generator backups
  • Rapid failover capability between primary and secondary data centers

In addition to physical network security, Currenex™ employs extensive network security defences including:

  • Redundant firewall systems
  • Multiple intrusion detection facilities
  • Host integrity monitors
  • Real-time third party security monitoring