Official Currenex MetaTrader 4 Bridge

Divisa Capital Group announces the official release of the Currenex MetaTrader 4 Bridge providing connectivity between the popular MetaTrader4 (“MT4”) trading platform and the award winning Currenex trading system. This bridge was built by a joined effort from Metaquotes and Currenex, making it the most stable bridge on the market!

The Currenex MT4 Bridge facilitates the seamless integration of Currenex liquidity into MT4 and provides real-time hedging and execution through Currenex. You benefit from the superior liquidity and low latency execution that Currenex provides.

Benefits of the Currenex MT4 Bridge:

Access to aggregated liquidity- With Currenex you can aggregate liquidity from multiple providers to continuously provide the best bid/offer into MT4.
MT4 trades are hedged in real-time as they occur, reducing risk from aggressive Expert Advisors.
Fastest Execution – Combined with the extremely low latency, the Currenex bridge provides the fastest execution from MT4.
Handling of partial fills – The Currenex MT4 bridge seamlessly handles partial fills for better execution, faster fills and less slippage.


Full control of how and when trades are hedged, on a per client basis.
Seamlessly handles ALL MT4 order types.
Full logs of all bridge transactions and activity.
Real time links into your back-office systems.
24 x 7 support.
Support for MT5 when available.