Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
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Account Opening

Q: Where can I download the MetaTrader 4 trading platform?

A:  Please click here to download the Divisa Capital MetaTrader 4 platform.

Q: What is the Minimum Funding requirement to open an Account?

A:  A minimum deposit of $2500 is required to open your Live account. Accounts may be funded by Bank Wire Transfer, Moneybookers and all Major Credit Cards. Credit Cards from china: Click Here.

Q: Can I open a Joint or Corporate?

A:  Yes.  Click here to open a Joint or Corporate Account.

Q: What Identification Documents do you require?

A:  In order to open a Live account, you must provide a copy of a government issued ID and a copy of a recent bank statement.  These documents can be directly uploaded at the time of your online application or sent via email to or Fax to +1-312-789-4751.

Q: How long does it take to open a Live Account?

A:  Approval time depends on how quickly the required documents were submitted. If all required documentation was submitted along with your application your account could be approved in 1 business day or less. Click here for access to the online application.

Q: What trading platforms do you offer?

A:  Divisa Capital offers MetaTrader 4 (“MT4”), Currenex Classic and Viking.

Q: I am a U.S. Resident. Can I open an account with Divisa Capital?

A: We do not accept U.S. clients at this time.

Demo Accounts

Q: How do I open a Demo account?

A:  To open a MetaTrader 4 or Currenex Viking Demo account, please click here. To request a Currenex Classic Demo account, please send a request via email to

Q: Does the Demo account expire?

A:  The Demo account will expire if left inactive for 30 days or more.

General Forex Trading

Q. How / When are Forex swaps calculated in MT4?

A. Please see below.

Swap rates can have a small or large effect on your overall trading strategy if not understood properly. Knowing when and how swaps are calculated is important for every trader to understand and account for in their trading strategies. Both long-term and short term traders should consider swaps as they execute their trades.


Example Trade:

AUD/JPY Swap rates.

Long Swap Rate: +6.00

Short Swap Rate: -8.40


Long Trade (Buy) AUD/JPY  1.0 Lot (100,000)  @  1.02874

Swap Rate: +6.00

Swap Calculation:  +6.00 x 1.02874 x 1 = 6.17244

Rounded Credit Value = +6.17


How Swap Debits / credits Calculated?

Swap Debits / Credits are calculated as follows:

Current Long / Short Rate * pair currency price at the time swap is charged * lot size = swap debit/credit

AUD/JPY Standard Example:

+6.00 * 1.02874 (current price AUD/JPY) *1 (standard lot) = +6.17244, rounded down to +6.17.


When are Swap Rates calculated?

Divisa's Swap rates are calculated each day at 4:59 pm Easter Standard Time (EST). Trades that have been opened before 4:59 pm (EST) and held open past this time will be subject to swap rates. Swap rates are tripled on Wednesday at 4:59 pm (EST).


*Swap rates above are based on $100,000 USD standard lot as base currency

*Metals use a different interest calculation. Please contact support for more info.

Please send an email to or call us if you have any questions.

Q: What are your spreads?

A:  Our spreads are variable and dependent on market conditions.  Click here to see a sample of Live spreads.  To view a complete list of our spreads, please register for a Demo.

Q: How many currency pairs do you offer?

A:  Currency Pairs Listed Below + Spot Gold and Silver.



Q: Do you charge commissions?

A:  Yes.  Since we are a Direct Market Access (“DMA”) broker, we charge $3 per $100,000 to gain access to our core spreads from 9 top tier banks.

Q: What is the maximum leverage you offer?

A:  100:1

Q: Do you have a dealing desk?

A:  No. Since we are a Direct Market Access (“DMA”) broker, we do not trade against our clients.

Q: What is your GMT offset?

A:  Our GMT offset is 0 (zero)

Q: Can I change the time display on my MT4?

A:  No you cannot change the time display on your MT4 platform.

Q: Do you allow Expert Advisors?

A:  Yes, Divisa Capital allows all MT4 compatible Expert Advisors.

Q: Do you allow scalping?

A:  Divisa Capital welcomes scalping. Our industry leading speed and execution provides enhanced performance for scalpers.

Q: What is the minimum contract size?

A:  The minimum tradable contract size is 0.01 you can then increase you position size by 0.01 increments.

Q: Do you allow hedging?

A:  Yes, hedging is allowed. However, it's only allowed if the accounts free margin is not in the negative.


Q: Do you allow partial order closing?

A:  Yes, you can partially close orders.

Q: What are the Trading Times?

A:  You can trade Forex with Divisa Capital 24 hours a day from Sunday 5PM EST to Friday 5PM EST.

Deposits and Withdrawals

Q: How soon will my funds post to my account?

A:  Credit/Debit card deposits will post within two hours. Bank wires can take up to two business days to post to your account.

Q: How can I withdraw funds?

A:  Click Here to fill out the Withdrawal Form.

Q: How long does the withdrawal process take?

A:  Please allow 3-4 business days for the funds to post to your account.

Q: Are there any funding/withdrawal fees?

A:  There are no fees for funding.   There is a $25 fee on withdrawals to cover our fees.

Q: What currencies can I fund my account with?

A:  You can fund your account with USD, GBP, EUR, and AUD. Please note that all non-USD deposits will be converted to USD and deposited to your trading account.

Expert Advisors / Forex Robots

Q: Can I use Expert Advisors/Forex Robots?

A:  Yes you can use Expert Advisors with the MT4 trading platform.  We have no limitations on EA's or any Forex Robots.

Q: How close can I place the stop loss and take profit to market?

A:  There is no limitation on this, you can place the stop loss and take profit as close to market as possible on our platform.

Q: Can I hedge open short & long trades of the same pair simultaneously?

A:  Yes you can hedge long and short positions without any additional margin requirements.

Q: Is there a minimum time that a position needs to be open?

A:  There is no minimum time limit a position needs to be held before it is closed.