Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
From the list below choose one of our FAQs topics, then select and click on the FAQ to read. If you have a question which is not on this page, please contact us at

Account Opening

Q: Where can I download the MetaTrader 4 trading platform?

A:  Please click here to download the Divisa Capital MetaTrader 4 platform.

Q: What is the Minimum Funding requirement to open an Account?

A:  A minimum deposit of $2500 is required to open your Live account. Accounts may be funded by Bank Wire Transfer, Moneybookers and all Major Credit Cards. Credit Cards from china: Click Here.

Q: Can I open a Joint or Corporate?

A:  Yes.  Click here to open a Joint or Corporate Account.

Q: What Identification Documents do you require?

A:  In order to open a Live account, you must provide a copy of a government issued ID and a copy of a recent bank statement.  These documents can be directly uploaded at the time of your online application or sent via email to or Fax to +1-312-789-4751.

Q: How long does it take to open a Live Account?

A:  Approval time depends on how quickly the required documents were submitted. If all required documentation was submitted along with your application your account could be approved in 1 business day or less. Click here for access to the online application.

Q: What trading platforms do you offer?

A:  Divisa Capital offers MetaTrader 4 (“MT4”), Currenex Classic and Viking.

Q: I am a U.S. Resident. Can I open an account with Divisa Capital?

A: We do not accept U.S. clients at this time.

Demo Accounts

Q: How do I open a Demo account?

A:  To open a MetaTrader 4 or Currenex Viking Demo account, please click here. To request a Currenex Classic Demo account, please send a request via email to

Q: Does the Demo account expire?

A:  The Demo account will expire if left inactive for 30 days or more.

General Forex Trading

Q: What are your spreads?

A:  Our spreads are variable and dependent on market conditions.  Click here to see a sample of Live spreads.  To view a complete list of our spreads, please register for a Demo.

Q: How many currency pairs do you offer?

A:  Currency Pairs Listed Below + Spot Gold and Silver.



Q: Do you charge commissions?

A:  Yes.  Since we are a Direct Market Access (“DMA”) broker, we charge $3 per $100,000 to gain access to our core spreads from 9 top tier banks.

Q: What is the maximum leverage you offer?

A:  100:1

Q: Do you have a dealing desk?

A:  No. Since we are a Direct Market Access (“DMA”) broker, we do not trade against our clients.

Q: What is your GMT offset?

A:  Our GMT offset is 0 (zero)

Q: Can I change the time display on my MT4?

A:  No you cannot change the time display on your MT4 platform.

Q: Do you allow Expert Advisors?

A:  Yes, Divisa Capital allows all MT4 compatible Expert Advisors.

Q: Do you allow scalping?

A:  Divisa Capital welcomes scalping. Our industry leading speed and execution provides enhanced performance for scalpers.

Q: What is the minimum contract size?

A:  The minimum tradable contract size is 0.01 you can then increase you position size by 0.01 increments.

Q: Do you allow hedging?

A:  Yes, hedging is allowed. However, it's only allowed if the accounts free margin is not in the negative.


Q: Do you allow partial order closing?

A:  Yes, you can partially close orders.

Q: What are the Trading Times?

A:  You can trade Forex with Divisa Capital 24 hours a day from Sunday 5PM EST to Friday 5PM EST.

Deposits and Withdrawals

Q: How soon will my funds post to my account?

A:  Credit/Debit card deposits will post within two hours. Bank wires can take up to two business days to post to your account.

Q: How can I withdraw funds?

A:  Click Here to fill out the Withdrawal Form.

Q: How long does the withdrawal process take?

A:  Please allow 3-4 business days for the funds to post to your account.

Q: Are there any funding/withdrawal fees?

A:  There are no fees for funding.   There is a $25 fee on withdrawals to cover our fees.

Q: What currencies can I fund my account with?

A:  You can fund your account with USD, GBP, EUR, and AUD. Please note that all non-USD deposits will be converted to USD and deposited to your trading account.

Expert Advisors / Forex Robots

Q: Can I use Expert Advisors/Forex Robots?

A:  Yes you can use Expert Advisors with the MT4 trading platform.  We have no limitations on EA's or any Forex Robots.

Q: How close can I place the stop loss and take profit to market?

A:  There is no limitation on this, you can place the stop loss and take profit as close to market as possible on our platform.

Q: Can I hedge open short & long trades of the same pair simultaneously?

A:  Yes you can hedge long and short positions without any additional margin requirements.

Q: Is there a minimum time that a position needs to be open?

A:  There is no minimum time limit a position needs to be held before it is closed.