API Connectivity

An application programming interface (API) is available for your programmers to link your software to ours, allowing you to clear your trades through Divisa Capital while you retaining your preferred platforms functionality.

The FIX Protocol (www.fixprotocol.org) has evolved as the de facto standard in broker-exchange connectivity. The vast majority of exchanges and most universal brokers now offer order routing through the FIX protocol.

Clients using custom-designed automated pricing engines, order-routing and management systems, program trading systems and off-the-shelf modelling software can work with our dedicated implementation teams to integrate these proprietary systems directly with Divisa's liqidity.

Divisa currently offers two types of FIX API connections for qualifiying accounts.



PXM's xcore supports a wide variety of frontend interfaces (MT4, FIX, custom APIs) enables brokers to facilitate specific demands of clients in the retail as well as catering to the institutional segment. FIX protocal 4.4 and other are supported. Full depth of book pricing is available.


Currenex FIX API:

Currenex provides a high-speed multi-bank FIX gateway (using the FIX 4.2 protocol). This gateway allows customers to access market data (with full depth of book) and to manage orders. Currenex provides FIX customers with a full integration environment which includes live market data. Additionally, Currenex assists customers with throughput and protocol conformance testing.


MT4 Bridge:

The PrimeXM MT4 Bridge facilitates the seamless integration of Divisa's liquidity into MT4 and provides advanced order routing, best price aggregation and execution via Xcore technology. Metatrader clients benefit from the superior liquidity and low latency execution that Divisa provides. Sophisticated synchronization mechanisms ensure consistency between MetaTrader and the LPs while full support for parallel processing allows maximum throughput at low latency.